A Godly woman loves her husband and children

Observing the lives of women in the Bible shows that family love is key. God instructs Christian women to love their husbands and children – this is our principal aim, mission, and career.

Focusing on the home is the greatest thing we can do to build the church. When the home is strong, the church will be strong.

In contrast, when the home breaks down, the church will begin to break down as well.

First, God exhorts you to love your husbands. This seems pretty straightforward, but there’s one area, in particular, I think we sometimes miss.

We should always speak well of our husbands in front of others and on social media.

Sometimes I hear wives “joking” in a derogatory way about their man, something dumb he did, or subtle put-downs. A man’s number one need is respect, and if we dishonour him in our speech (even if it’s not a big deal to us), it is one of the worst ways to undermine our love for him.

Next, God encourages us to love our children. This comes easily and naturally to us. But today, the biggest obstacle to this comes in the form of distraction.

Surely every generation of parents has dealt with distractions taking the focus away from their children. But today this is even more prevalent, with our smartphones and screens a constant temptation for distraction.

This is a huge struggle for me as a blog owner since there is always something I “need to do” for the website. This can potentially tear my attention away from the most important thing. It is something I have to always be conscious about.

Children are not a distraction from the most important work, they are the most important work.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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