Sir Godfrey Gregg

We’re in this together. If you and I are going to prosper in our communities and in our careers, we’ll need to depend upon each other.

Relying on others ought to come naturally, but it doesn’t. Human beings are too used to seeing one another as the enemy. We compete with each other for jobs, promotions, good grades-you name it. It’s tempting to look only at our differences and see one another as strangers.

We’re not, really. We sons of Adam are more alike than we are different. Sure, we may have a different skin colors or speak different languages, but we share common needs for friendship, peace, and security.

Begin to see yourself as part of a fraternity-not o one that’s known by some Greek letters, but one that includes all men everywhere. Look at your next-door neighbour as a member of your team. Look for ways to work together. Exchange a smile with that coworker who is difficult to get along with. He’s facing some of the same problems you are. Most importantly; look for ways to join hands with the men Most importantly?

Imagine what you might accomplish if you join forces and work together.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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