Combing through the entire Bible to find biblical boy names may be a daunting task. If you’re like some devout Christians, you read your favourite passages repeatedly, especially during trying times, but rarely read the entire book.

Our list of Bible names for boys includes less-used sacred names, as well as many of the favourites you’re likely familiar with. As you plan for the arrival of your baby, this list should be a timesaver for you.

Biblical Names for Boys and Meanings

If you’re looking for a holy or divine name for your baby boy, the Bible contains many options, some of which have held up well in the centuries since it was written.

89. Thaddeus

Thaddeus is the Greek version of Thaddai, an Aramaic name, and it means heart.

Thaddeus Stevens, who was born in 1792, was a dedicated abolitionist, leading the Radical Republicans in the 1860s. Stevens had a permanent limp, resulting from being born with a club foot.

90. Theophilus

Of Greek origin, Theophilus means loved by God.

This name would be quite a mouthful for a young child, and it could make learning to spell their name in school rather difficult. But if you like this name, you can always let your child go with the nickname of Theo or Phil.

91. Thomas

Thomas is a Greek name that comes from Ta’oma’, an Aramaic name, and it means twin.

Thomas has been an extremely popular name for well over a century, often landing in the top ten. But lately, it has started to wane in popularity, placing at number 47 in 2019.

92. Titus

A Latin name, Titus means the title of honour.

Titus was a friend and companion of Paul the Apostle. Titus served as a leader of the church and a Christian missionary, so this might be a good name choice for people who have participated in religious missionary trips.

93. Tobias

A Hebrew name, Tobias means God is good.

The name Tobias ranks number 272 on the 2019 list of popular boys’ names.



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