Combing through the entire Bible to find biblical boy names may be a daunting task. If you’re like some devout Christians, you read your favourite passages repeatedly, especially during trying times, but rarely read the entire book.

Our list of Bible names for boys includes less-used sacred names, as well as many of the favourites you’re likely familiar with. As you plan for the arrival of your baby, this list should be a timesaver for you.

Biblical Names for Boys and Meanings

If you’re looking for a holy or divine name for your baby boy, the Bible contains many options, some of which have held up well in the centuries since it was written.

74. Paul

A Latin name, Paul means small.

Paul is a name that has appealed to parents from generation to generation.

75. Perez

Perez is a Hebrew name that means burst forth or breach.

While Perez is sometimes used as a first name, it is also a popular last name. It could be a good biblical choice for a mom who had the maiden name of Perez, but changed her name when she married.

76. Peter

Peter is derived from the Greek name Petros, and it means rock or stone.

Peter is a big name in the world of fiction. Peter Pan, Peter Parker, and Peter Rabbit have all had an influence on generations of children and teenagers.

77. Philip

Philip comes from the Greek name Philippos, and it means friend of horses.




Author: Patriarch Gregg

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