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And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it. Genesis 37:24

It is impossible to read this inimitable story without detecting in the water-mark of the paper on which it is written the name, Jesus. Indeed, we lose much of the beauty and force of these early Scriptures if we fail to observe the references to the life, character, and work of the blessed Redeemer. Notice some of these precious analogies:-

  • Our Saviour’s shepherd-heart (Genesis 37:2).
  • The love of the Father before the worlds were made (Genesis 37:3).
  • The dreams of empire, which are so certain to be realized, when we shall see Him acknowledged as King of kings and Lord of lords (Genesis 37:7).
  • Envied by His brethren, to whom He came, though they received Him not (Genesis 37:11).
  • His alacrity to do His Father’s will, and to finish His work, in which will we too have been sanctified (Genesis 37:13).
  • Cast into the pit of the grave, as a seed-corn into the ground to die, that He might not abide alone, but bear much fruit (Genesis 37:24).
  • The thirty pieces of silver for which He was betrayed (Genesis 37:28).
  • The indifference of the Jewish people to their great Brother’s fate (Genesis 37:25).
  • Rejected of the Jew, and turning to the Gentile (Genesis 37:28).
  • The bitter grief which His rejection has brought on the Jewish people (Genesis 37:35)-

It is as though the Holy Ghost, eager to glorify the Lord, could not wait for the slow unfolding of history, but must anticipate the story of that precious life and death which were to make the world new again.

I want to thank God for the understanding and unfolding of the Scriptures of the Old Testament to the coming of Christ in the New Testament. Joseph was one of the examples I love to study from the pit to the rise of power. So let us apply the life of Joseph to our life in this day and age to see where we fill into the prophecy.Image result for ABANDONMENT OF JOSEPH

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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