A Virtuous Woman Has Prudence

 Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

A Prudent Woman Manages Life with Purpose and Intent

There is nothing more stressful than what Americans call “flying by the seat of your pants.” It is said that many people spend more time planning their wedding than they do planning their life. And much of what is seen in today’s world is evidence of that. Families across the nation often are barely able to keep up with their laundry, let alone with social and financial demands. (Bishop Raymond)

Unfortunately for many people, the cubicle has replaced the family room, and lines of credit have replaced the value of saving. Christian women, even those who are in the workforce, have the opportunity to focus in on their role as a wife, mother, employee and a woman. And the lens is called prudence.

God gave women the incredible ability to multitask, and even the ability to govern. Women are planners by nature and often are secure when they lead structured and organized lives. Unfortunately, the demands of today’s economy have stifled many women’s ability to do just that: plan. A full schedule can crowd out many of the things that make her unique as a woman, forcing her to shift into survival mode. Many women live day to day without taking a break.

God never designed women to live this way. He longs for them to be free to hear His voice. He desires for them to have the time to read a good book or watch a good show. He even wants them to be at peace with Him when the washing machine breaks down for the third time in a month.

A woman who is prudent is one who manages her time well, always looking ahead to plan and prepare for upcoming activities, appointments and even potential schedule changes. Nothing knocks her too far off course. She has a clear, overall view and understanding of the daily operation of her home. She knows when to fix a formal sit down dinner, and when to prepare sandwiches ahead of time. She is not afraid to take a little downtime when she knows she has a busy week ahead of her. She recognizes the importance of rising early to make use of the quiet time available to her to rest in the presence of God. And at the end of the day, she still has enough left in her to thank God for the energy and inspiration to carry out the responsibilities that He has allotted to her.

Author: Godfrey Gregg