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HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg GCO

Consider the spokes in the wheel. As the wheel spins a spoke that is in the bottom of the wheel will soon be on the top. Soon it will be back on the bottom again, and then as the wheel continues to turn the same spoke will be back on the top a short time later.

So it is with us as we travel through life. One day we will experience failure and loss. The next day success and gain. Then the day after that we may experience pain and failure again, and the day after that, joy and happiness. So the cycle continues as long as we live.

Reflecting on this reality will teach us never to be devastated by our sorrow because joy will surely follow. It also teaches us never to be arrogant and haughty in our success for a humbling time will soon be upon us. Likewise, when we see another person who is not successful we must never judge them harshly since we do not know what prestige their tomorrow may hold. When we see another person who is highly exalted we must remember that their future may hold different fortunes for them as well.

Therefore we must treat ourselves and all other people with universal kindness and respect for the intrinsic worth that each human being holds. We must not base our respect for ourselves or others based on failures or accomplishments because both are fleeting.

I will simply put it this way that everyone must and should be treated with respect regardless of those that love or hate you. Remember we are travelling to an unknown destination so treat each passing traveller with kindness and love.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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