Sir Godfrey Gregg OHMP

Grand Commanding Officer

Spirit of distraction, (a racing mind, can’t concentrate, etc) – A spirit of distraction gets invited into our life when we ourselves first open the door to it and purposely bring distraction to ourselves. For example: if a child did something wrong deserving of a spanking and they had to wait several hours for their parents to get home, many times a child, especially if they know their father will be very mad and will have a heavy hand giving them their spanking, will try to distract their mind from thinking about that spanking.

They may begin to watch television to get involved in whatever show is on to purposely distract themselves from thinking about the spanking. They may daydream, or fantasize to distract their mind.

From this example and which we will probably find in most cases when a person has a spirit that can bring distraction and confusion to their minds we will find that there was fear, abuse, or excessive threats of abuse made to them somewhere in their life.

What does a spirit of distraction do?  At the most, inopportune times that spirit will cause your mind to race (go from one thought to another, to another), will make it hard for a person to concentrate, or will cause confusion.

A spirit of distraction does not work alone. In order for a spirit to manipulate your thoughts that spirit needs some form of control over your mind. So in order for a spirit to have that type of influence, we would have to ask how does a spirit get that control in the first place to manipulate my thoughts and thinking.

So how did this spirit get control?  By the escapism, you were trying to achieve for yourself when you purposely tried to distract your mind from dealing with a bad situation, abuse, threat of abuse, or from having to take responsibility for something bad that had happened. This is like a learned behaviour and a relinquishing, or transferring of control from you to a spirit. The more times a person had done this, the more of a secure position this spirit will have.

Note: If we are not taking a headship position over our mind, Satan will. If there is an area of ourselves that we are not wanting to be sitting in the captain’s chair for then you will no longer be captain and have that headship control for that area. Once this spirit acquires control it will not leave until you take a stance over it in Jesus Christ’s name.

The strongman in this is the spirit of control, (mind control).  When doing deliverance you will not specifically call out the spirit of distraction, or confusion at first, but you will be focusing on the control you had lost when you had first tried to escape from the reality of what was going on, or the responsibility for your actions.

Unfortunately many times a spirit comes into a personal life when a person has had much oppression or abuse. This is what happens in many circumstances of abuse and oppression, a person loses some form of freedom and control. They lose the ability to know how to be calm when anxiety has become a learned behaviour and anxiety controls them. They lose the ability to be joyful when fear becomes a part of their nature and now holds greater influence over them than what they have over it.

To gain control back from a spirit of distraction a person needs to ask God’s forgiveness for each time they had distracted their mind to avoid taking responsibility or distracted their mind because they were fearful to face a situation. They need to renounce and repent of this, and they need to dismiss this spirit by telling it that you no longer will allow it to have a position over your thinking. Rescind its legal rights and claim your rightful God-given position over every aspect of your life, especially your mind and your thoughts.

Finally, you then rebuke the spirit that had been causing your mind to race, causing a distraction, or confusion and you command them bound together to the spirit of mind control and order them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ and be sent to dry and arid places.

The spirit of mind control can play many roles and have different specifics purposes, and the spirit of confusion comes into a person’s life in the way I had mentioned, but it comes in more times than not when a person or a child lives in a very dysfunctional, mentally abusive, or chaotic environment. More will be talked about these things in other writings.


Author: Godfrey Gregg