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Gracious and loving Lord, in the perfect assurance of Your presence here we pray your fulfilment of these blessings upon these ministers who have been called from among these people to assume the office of pastor, preacher, prophet and servant.

God, we pray that you will utterly possess ________  and _________. in all of their duties, that they may daily incarnate your love and mercy with those they are called to serve, never flagging in commitment, never despairing of the ultimate coming of your kingdom, and never doubting the sincere desire of their people to be brought closer to God through all the ways of justice and compassion.

Let these your servants __________________ and ________________ begin and end every day with you, dear God, renewing their faith and repairing it where it is weak; praying into the mysteries of life and death which they will be called upon to celebrate, and to endure, with their people; fearlessly examining their conscience for sins of commission or omission and resolving cheerfully to make reparation where it is needed; searching their souls for sources of integrity and steadfast faith; turning over their weariness to Your care; relinquishing their failures to Your mercy, and refreshing the vows that they make here today.

We devoutly hope that strength of body, mind and spirit shall remain their primary fortunes all their life long and that they will be refreshed continuously in those powers by the judicious expenditure of them.

Bring our ___________ and ___________ joy in ministry, Divine One, and we will give you praise for all that you do through this imperfect but obedient and devoted vessel. Bring them joy, and let them be your instrument in every act and every prayer, for however long and in whatever places it may please and serve You. All this we pray with devout thanksgiving for your many blessings. Amen.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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