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7. Jesus Was A Faithful Man.

That’s what Jesus was saying in John 17:1-12: “I did your will. In other words, “I have been faithful, Father, to all you wanted me to do.” This is why He could ask to receive His glory back, the very glory He had before the world was. Think of how much that glory meant to Him and how much His self-humiliation cost Him as He entered into a state that was not natural for Him as God. He stepped into a world scarred by sin, darkened by the destructive power of evil, and became subordinate to His own creatures. He who made everything, who had the power to command legions of angels, chose to limit His power and subject Himself to the very ones He came to deliver. That is how He could claim His legacy of glory.

Jesus shows us how to leave a true legacy, a legacy of glory, His glory, not ours. If by His grace, we become humble, dependent, proven, focused, persevering, obedient, and faithful men and women who focus our lives on making the Father known to those He gives to us, we will leave a legacy of glory. Not our glory, but His, the glory He wants to give to the Father through us.

What greater legacy could we leave?

The legacy we leave is the life we lead, the life of Christ in us and through us passed on to others in the power of the Holy Spirit. The God in us bears connection with the Father ad reveals through us to continue His legacy.





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Author: Patriarch Gregg

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