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Titus Chapter 1 Questions

  1. When was the letter to Titus written (approximately)?
  2. What was Paul’s connection to the man Titus?
  3. Why did Paul think of Titus as his son?
  4. Was Titus ever in Rome with Paul?
  5. What did the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem want to do to Titus, which Paul said no to?
  6. Why did Paul send Titus to the troubled churches he could not go to himself?
  7. Why did Paul write this letter to Titus?
  8. What does Paul call himself in verse 1?
  9. What is another thing “apostle” could be?
  10. What does this word show us about Paul?
  11. What is the hope of every Christian?
  12. What had Paul dedicated his life to?
  13. When had God promised eternal life?
  14. How had He manifested His Word?
  15. What does “manifested” mean?
  16. It pleased God that by the foolishness of ________ to save them that believe.
  17. What was the blessing Paul spoke on Titus?
  18. When was it believed that Titus was saved?
  19. Where had Paul left Titus to work?
  20. Why had he left him there?
  21. Who was to decide who to ordain?
  22. What is an “elder”?
  23. What were some of the qualifications Titus was to judge by?
  24. What are some of the qualifications of a bishop?
  25. What was meant by faithful Word?
  26. Who are “gainsayers”?
  27. What one word, in verse 10, leaves no doubt this is speaking of Jews?
  28. What does verse 11 say, is the reason they were doing this?
  29. What is “filthy lucre”?
  30. What reputation did the Cretians have?
  31. What did Paul tell Titus to do about this?
  32. In verse 14, Paul warned to not give heed to what?
  33. Why does the author believe the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D.?
  34. Unto the pure, all things are _____.
  35. Who was the Supreme Sacrifice?
  36. What clears the conscience of mankind?


Titus Chapter 2 Questions

  1. Speak thou the things which become _________ _________.
  2. The aged men be _______, ___________, _______ in ______, in _______, and in ____________.
  3. Is this speaking of the leaders of the church, or whom?
  4. What 3 things are spoken of many times as being The Christian’s character and attitude?
  5. What are the aged women to be like?
  6. What two ways could she teach?
  7. Who usually set the standards for the family?
  8. What 3 things are the older women to teach younger women?
  9. Man builds a _______, and woman makes the _______.
  10. Man is the head, but the woman is the ________.
  11. What is the best way to teach your family how to love?
  12. What chapter of Proverbs describes a wife who is more precious than rubies?
  13. Who must decide what each family should do?
  14. Who really blasphemes God?
  15. Describe what the young men should be like.
  16. Paul tells Titus to get the young men involved in ______.
  17. What does the speech of a man reveal?
  18. Those who use bad language are ___________ around those who do not.
  19. Verse 9 is speaking of servants, who could we relate that to in our society?
  20. What is “purloining”?
  21. What would it mean to “adorn” the doctrine of God?
  22. What brings salvation to mankind?
  23. Whose decision is it to live holy?
  24. To remain a Christian in the truest sense, we must do what?
  25. What is the blessed hope?
  26. When is the glorious “appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ”?
  27. What does “redeem” mean?
  28. What was the ransom that was paid?
  29. He gave Himself (became our _____________).
  30. He clothed us with His ____________.
  31. What is Paul expressing to Titus in verse 15?


Titus Chapter 3 Questions

  1. Put them in mind to be subject to __________ and __________.
  2. Why does a certain person become an office holder?
  3. How can you go against the office holder, and still be within God’s teaching?
  4. When is the only time you should not obey the ruler?
  5. Speak evil of no ____.
  6. Christians are to be _______________.
  7. What does verse 3 say, we were before we were saved?
  8. Why do people commit sin?
  9. What is a companion Scripture to Titus chapter 3 verse 4?
  10. What is one word that describes God’s love and kindness?
  11. He saved us not by our works of righteousness, but according to what?
  12. What makes us righteous in God’s sight?
  13. Why do the Christians have on white robes in heaven?
  14. What did He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ?
  15. We are justified by His _______.
  16. What does “justified” mean?
  17. What does 1 Peter chapter 3 verse 7 tell us about husbands and wives?
  18. Christians should maintain good _______.
  19. What did Paul tell them to avoid?
  20. What question did the Jewish Christians keep bringing up?
  21. What did John the Baptist have to say about genealogies?
  22. What is a “heretic”?
  23. “Admonition” means what?
  24. What is another word for “subverted”?
  25. Who did Paul send to relieve Titus at Crete?

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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