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“Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.” (Psalm 66:12).

It is nice to hear that God desires to bring us into abundance, a wealthy place. In fact, many a preacher has promoted the goodness of the Lord and His ability to prosper His children. Alas, my experience is that this gospel has little to do with the gospel of the Kingdom as our Lord works in the realm of the sanctified soul. The passage above tells us that God does, in fact, bring us into places of abundance, places of wealth. However, upon further study of the entire passage, we learn the route to this abundance.

For thou, O God, hast proved us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried.11 Thou broughtest us into the net; thou laidst affliction upon our loins.12 Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.” (Psalm 66:10-12).

God’s economy of abundance often has little to do with material blessing. In God’s economy, abundance is often measured in wisdom and knowledge of Himself. Note that money is not the issue here nor is it prosperity message. What I want you to understand is the abundance of God is wisdom and knowledge. If ever you get the aforementioned abundance, then other things will be added unto you as in the case of Solomon. It is then that we are truly blessed. Wisdom cannot be gained through intellectual pursuits. Wisdom only comes through experience. Real wisdom comes through the kinds of experiences that come only through the deepest tests of THE GOD OF THE VALLEY. For some lessons of refinement, the prison accompanied by burdens leads us through the fire and water. This is the territory that must be travelled to reach that place of abundance. It would seem strange that a loving God would use such means with His children. What we often fail to realize is that the measuring stick of God is the character and likeness of Jesus Christ Himself in each of us. This cannot be gained through a life of ease and pleasure. Ease and pleasure fail to refine.

Is God using your marketplace to refine you today? Has He got you in a prison that appears to be laid with burdens on your back? My dear friends, fellow readers, brothers and sisters take heart that if this is the place you find yourself, realize that you are entering a place of abundance that few will ever attain if you are faithful through the tests. The darkest hour is just before daybreak. HallelujahImage result for TRIED AND TESTED FOR ABUNDANCE

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