Our Scripture readings for the message this morning are taken from the following passages in the Holy Bible

Ephesians 1:3-14, Amos 7:7-15

Imagine you’re building a house. You’ve dug the hole for the basement and poured the footings to hold the basement walls. When you poured the footings you tried to level them until they looked to you like they were straight and even. Now that the footings have dried, you are laying the concrete block for the basement walls. As you put in each row of block you look to see if they seem to be straight and level.

They look good according to your eye. When you put down the second row of blocks you try to carefully set them square on top of the first row so that the wall will be straight. Then you are very careful about putting in the third row, and the fourth, until the basement wall is finished.

When you step back to look at the whole basement, you realize that even though everything looked like it was square and even and straight it actually wasn’t. The wall on one side leans outward, while the wall on the opposite side leans in. The corners aren’t quite square so that as you look down on it, the basement is actually skewed in a clockwise direction.

In addition to all that the back of the basement stands taller than the front by at least five inches. Maybe the footings weren’t level, or maybe you put more mortar between the rows of the block along the back wall and not as much in the front wall.

Your house is going to be uneven, it won’t be square, and the walls won’t be straight. The bricks you put on top of this foundation will also be crooked and uneven. Because of all this, the house will be weaker and won’t last as long.


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