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1 Kings Chapter 22

There was peace between Israel and Aram for about three years. The king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, went to see Ahab and told him about Ramoth Gilead.

Discussing Ramoth Gilead

Then Ahab told his officials that Ramoth Gilead was occupied by the king of Aram, but it really belonged to Israel. He asked Jehoshaphat if he would fight with him to take back Ramoth Gilead. Jehoshaphat told Ahab that he would but they should ask the Lord first.

Deciding to Go to War

King Ahab then asked his prophets if he should go to war. They all said he should. The king of Judah wanted to know if there was a prophet of God that they could ask. Ahab told him that there was Micaiah, who was the son of Imlah. When Micaiah arrived, he was asked if they should go to war.

Ahab told him to tell him the truth about what God had revealed to him. Micaiah told him he saw the people of Israel scattered like sheep because they did not have a shepherd, and God told him the people should go back home in peace. Micaiah went on to say that someone would entice him to fight and that if Ahab returned safely, then God had not spoken to him.

Ahab is Killed

Ahab and Jehoshaphat, along with their men, went to Ramoth Gilead to battle with Aram. King Ahab went into battle disguised. The enemy thought Jehoshaphat was Ahab, but when they learned he was not, they stopped pursuing him. Ahab was hit by an arrow in an opening in his armour.

He left the battle and later that evening he died. Ahab’s body was brought back to Samaria where he was then buried. Ahab’s son, Ahaziah, succeeded him as king and he reigned for two years. He sinned because he followed the ways of his mother and father. He also worshipped Baal, just like his father, which made God angry.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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