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1 Kings Chapter 16

Elah succeeded his father, Baasha, as the new king of Israel and he reigned for two years. He was in a home in Arza getting drunk when Zimri, a chariot commander, killed him. Zimri then became king in Tirzah.

Confusion in the Kingdom

Zimri had Baasha’s entire family killed because of their sins. When the army of Israel learned about Elah’s murder, they proclaimed Omri as the new king. They then took over the city of Tirzah. Zimri discovered this and he went into the palace and set fire to it. He died in the palace.

King Omri and Son Ahab

The Israelis were then split apart into two groups. One group supported Tibni, Ginath’s son, the others supported Omri. Omri’s followers were more powerful than Tibni’s followers. Tibni was killed and then Omri became the new king of Israel. He reigned for twelve years. Omri committed evil and sinned far more compared to the kings before him. After Omri died, his son, Ahab, succeeded him.

Actions of King Ahab

King Ahab ruled for over 22 years in Samaria. He also sinned and committed many evil acts. He married Jezebel who was the daughter of the Sidonian king. He also started to serve Baal and even worshipped him.

Ahab created a special temple altar for Baal that he had built in Samaria. The king also built an Asherah pole in addition to committing many acts that made God angry compared to all of the kings of Israel who reigned before him.

Rebuilding Jericho

During Ahab’s rule, Hiel of Bethel had the city of Jericho rebuilt. He had its foundations laid at the expense of Abiram, his firstborn son. In addition, he built its gates at the expense of Segub, his youngest son. This was done in compliance with God’s word which was spoken by the son of Nun, Joshua.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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