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1 Kings Chapter 14

1 Kings Chapter 14 finds Jeroboam’s son, Abijah, fallen ill. Jeroboam tells his wife to disguise herself and go to Shiloh to consult with Ahijah, who is the prophet who predicted that Jeroboam would be king. Jeroboam then tells his wife to take ten bread loaves with her and a jar of honey and cakes. Ahijah will tell her why their son became sick.

Jeroboam’s Wife is Recognized

However, God has already warned Ahijah that Jeroboam’s wife is coming in disguise. God tells Ahijah to give her an answer. So when Jeroboam’s wife arrives, Ahijah recognizes her in spite of her disguise. He tells her that God said to him that though he made Jeroboam the king, Jeroboam has not been righteous like King David and has done evil like creating false gods.

Predictions of God’s Wrath

Because of this, God plans to rain unspeakable disaster on his house. Ahijah then tells Jeroboam’s wife that the boy will die when she returns to the city and Israel will mourn him because the boy was the only good thing in Jeroboam’s family. Further, God says He is going to punish all of Israel because of Jeroboam’s sins. The moment Jeroboam’s wife sets foot in her house, the child dies.

Rehoboam is King of Judah

1 Kings Chapter 14 then turns to Rehoboam, Solomon’s son and the King of Judah. He becomes king when he is 41 and reigns for 17 years. His mother was an Ammonite named Naamah. But Judah has also transgressed in God’s eyes and also worshipped false gods and indulged in sinful practice.

So, when Rehoboam had been king for five years, Jerusalem was attacked by the King of Egypt, who looted the treasures in the temple, including Solomon’s gold shields. Rehoboam replaces them with bronze shields.

The chapter also goes on to say that Jeroboam and Rehoboam were continually at war. Finally, Rehoboam dies and is succeeded by his own son, Abijah.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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