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1 Kings Chapter 13

When King Jeroboam was making an offering, a man from Judah came to him and said the Lord told him that a son called Josiah would be born in David’s tribe. He said that Josiah would sacrifice the high priests and burn human bones on the altar.

The Altar Occurrence

The Lord had also given this man a sign that the altar would be split and that ashes would pour out of it. King Jeroboam then put his hand across the altar and it shrivelled up. The altar also split apart and ashes poured from it.

The Man from Judah

Jeroboam told the man to intercede with God to have his hand restored. He did, and the Jeroboam’s hand was completely restored. King Jeroboam told the man to come home with him to have a meal and to receive a gift. But the man told him he could not do so because the Lord had commanded him not to do this.

The Lying Prophet

An old prophet was told by his sons about this man. He went looking for the man from Judah and found him sitting by a tree. He told him to come with him to have something to eat. The man told the prophet that God told him he could not eat or drink on this part of his trip.

Then the prophet told the man that an angel said it was okay for him to eat and drink, but he was lying. The man went to the prophet’s house and had something to drink and eat.

The Man Dies

While they were eating the prophet told the man from Judah that God had just told him that since he had defied God by drinking water and eating that his body would not be laid to rest in his ancestors’ tomb. The man left and then he was killed by a lion.

His body was found on the road by some people that went and told the prophet about it. The prophet and his sons went out to find the man’s body. When they found it they noticed that the lion had not eaten it so they took it back and buried the man in their own tomb.

King Jeroboam Does Not Change

Despite this, King Jeroboam failed to change his wicked and evil ways. He would let anyone become a priest. This is what led to the downfall of the king and the destruction of his house.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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