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1 Kings Chapter 9

After Solomon built the temple and his royal palace, God appeared to him just like he did at Gibeon. The Lord told Solomon that he had consecrated the temple and that He would give him a royal throne if he followed all of the laws and decrees just like his father, David, had done.

God also told him that if his descendants turned away from him that He would take the Promised Land away from Israel. The Lord also told Solomon that Israel would become a subject of ridicule and the temple would become a pile of rubble.
God’s Promises to Solomon
Solomon and Hiram

After building the temple and the palace, Solomon gave 20 Galilean towns to the king of Tyre, since Hiram had given him all of the juniper, cedar, and gold that he had needed. But Hiram was not happy with the towns and called them a Land of Kabul. Hiram had given Solomon 120 talents of gold.

King Solomon’s Slaves

The descendants of the Amorites, Hivites, Jebusites, Hittites, and Perizzites were conscripted by Solomon to work for him as slave labour. King Solomon did not take any Israelites and make them slaves because they were his government officials, military officers, captains, fighting men, and his chariot commanders. In addition, many of them worked as his main officials for his many building projects.

Solomon’s Offerings and Sacrifices

King Solomon offered fellowship offerings and sacrificial burnt offerings three times to the Lord every year. He had a special altar built just for these special offerings so he could fulfil the temple’s obligations. He also had ships built at Ezion Geber on the Red Sea’s shore.

Hiram sent some of his men so they could be sailors in Solomon’s fleet. These men sailed to Ophir and when they returned they gave Solomon over 420 talents of gold.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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