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1 Kings Chapter 7

It took King Solomon for many years to have his palace built. His throne hall was covered with cedar, as well as his Hall of Justice. Solomon also had a palace made for the daughter of Pharaoh, one of his wives. All of these buildings were made using blocks of very smooth stone. The foundations also were made with good-quality large stones.

King Solomon brought Huram from Tyre because he was a very skilled craftsman, especially in bronze work. He cast many pillars and capitals in bronze. He also built ten bronze movable stands and they were all the same size. These stands were made to have panels and uprights connected to them. The panels had bulls, lions, and cherubim on them, as well as the uprights, too.

Bronze Items for the Temple

Huram also made ten large bronze basins. He put five of them on the temple’s south side, along with five of them on the north side. He also made the sea which was made from cast bronze metal and he put it on the south side, too. In addition, he made pots, shovels, and sprinkling bowls for the temple.

All of the objects that Huram had made for the Lord’s temple were made from burnished bronze. King Solomon had everything cast in moulds that were made from clay. Solomon did not have everything weighed since there were so many objects.

Other Temple Furnishings

Solomon also had all of the temple’s furnishings made such as the golden altar, gold door sockets for the inner room, golden table for the bread offering, pure gold lampstands, doors for the main hall, floral work, lamps, pure gold basins, sprinkling bowls, wick trimmers, dishes, as well as censers.

After the temple was completed for the Lord, King Solomon brought in the items that his father, David, had dedicated. These were items were made from gold and silver. The king put these items in the temple’s treasuries.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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