SUMMARY OF 1 Kings Chapter 5

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1 Kings Chapter 5


1 Kings Chapter 5 talks about the preparations for building the temple for the Lord. It started off with Hiram, the king who ruled over Tyre, communicating with Solomon, after he had heard that Solomon had succeeded his father David.

Beginning the Temple

Hiram was always on friendly Terms with David, therefore Solomon sent him a message asking him for help in building a temple for the Lord. Solomon was willing to pay Hiram for skilled men and logs. He says that the Lord had finally blessed their land with peace and therefore, he will be able to build a temple in the name of the Lord.

Paying Hiram a Fair Wage

Solomon asked Hiram to give orders to Lebanon that cedar trees would be cut for him. He says that though his kingdom is vast, he does not have workers ask skilled as Sidonians. He was willing to pay Hiram any wage that he sees fit. When Hiram received the message from Solomon, he was gladdened.

He praised the Lord for giving David such a wise son to take over his kingdom and rule such a great nation. He then replied to the message and sent word back to Solomon.

Hiram Agrees to the Terms

Hiram agreed with the terms and promised to send cedar and juniper logs to wherever Solomon wished to build the temple. He will have his men float these logs down the Mediterranean Sea. Hiram also asked that Solomon provide him food for his royal household. After they have agreed on this, Hiram supplied Solomon with all the logs he needed and Solomon gave him food for his household as requested.

There were peaceful relations between the kingdom of Hiram and Solomon. The labourers who worked on the temple added up to about 30,000 men. They took shifts, one month working in Lebanon, two months resting at home. They cut and prepared the stones and timber for the building of the temple.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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