SUMMARY OF 1 Kings Chapter 3

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1 Kings Chapter 3

1 Kings Chapter 3 is one of the seminal chapters in the Old Testament as it centers on Solomon asking the Lord for wisdom.

Solomon Tries to Make Peace

Solomon married the daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt. His goal was to bring some peace between the two kingdoms. He had yet to build a temple to the Lord so the people were making sacrifices at high places. Solomon joined them and made one thousand sacrifices at Gibeon, the highest place in the land.

Solomon Asks for Wisdom

This brought the attention of the Lord. When Solomon slept, the Lord visited him in a dream. The Lord told Solomon he could ask for whatever he wanted and the Lord would give it to him.

Solomon revealed he was a young man who did not have much life experience. As a result, he was often unsure of himself. He asked the Lord for the wisdom to know right from wrong and to make good decisions. The Lord noted that because Solomon did not ask for wealth, riches, or the death of his enemies, the Lord gave his wisdom. The Lord also provided great wealth and honour to Solomon as a reward.

The Famous Wise Ruling

Two prostitutes came to Solomon and asked his judgment over a dispute. The two women both recently had young babies. The baby that belonged to one woman died so she switched her dead child with the living one of the other woman. She now claims that the child is her own. The other woman said the child is hers and the other woman said the story was total nonsense.

Solomon then said the baby should be cut in half with a sword and each half given to one woman. The first woman said for him not to do this and to let the child live. She was willing to give up her claim of the child to let it live. The other woman said to let it be divided. Solomon gave the child to the woman who said to let it live. Only the true mother would say such a thing.

So today when there seems to be much ado about nothing just let go and stand aside let God fight the battle. As a matter of fact, the battle has already won and it is a matter of time for you to see the results.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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