SUMMARY OF 1 Kings Chapter 2

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1 Kings Chapter 2

In 1 Kings 2, David knows his time is coming to a close. He calls on his son, Solomon, to take his place as leader.

David Speaks to Solomon

David calls on his son to meet with him. David tells Solomon the time is near. David will soon pass from the earth. David tells Solomon that he must be a man and follow in the directives of the Lord. The line of David will always be the successors of the throne of Israel as long as they follow along with the decrees of the Lord.

He also tells Solomon to finally take vengeance on Joab for his betrayal and his acts of murder. At the same time, Solomon is to show kindness to the sons of Barzillai as they were always loyal to David even in his troubled times.

More Instructions for Solomon

David tells Solomon to also deal with the traitor Shimel. David tells Solomon to figure out what he should do on his own based on personal wisdom. He is not, however, to let the evil deeds of Shimel go unpunished.

David Passes Away

David’s time for passing arrived. He served Israel for 40 years. When David passed away, the time came for Solomon to take over the throne of Israel and rule over it. There is always the plan of God for His operation. At no time will the enemies of the truth prosper. There has always a line of succession and as it was in the days of old, so shall it be today.

Controversy at the Throne

Now that Solomon is king, Adonijah goes to Bathsheba, the mother of the king, and makes a request. Adonijah states the kingdom was originally supposed to be his, but Solomon is now the rightful king. Adonijah asks that Solomon grant his wish that Abishag becomes his wife.

Adonijah and Joab are Killed

Bathsheba tells this to Solomon who notes how treacherous Adonijah is. Solomon sees this as an attempt to use the marriage as a means of getting into position to steal the throne. Adonijah is then killed for his actions.

It was Joab who conspired with Adonijah in this matter. Solomon ordered Joab struck down and killed and it was done. Soon after, the other traitor, Shimel, would be killed.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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