HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

A blessed good morning to all my beloved in the Lord and especially to the Leadership of the Mystical Order. It is with great pleasure I say Praise O praise our God and King for His mercies still endure and He is ever faithful and sure.

This is the time of preparation for us living in the winter wonderlands to stay warm and survive the cold. As we prepare naturally so must our hearts be warm with the things of God. For as in the natural so it is in the spiritual. This kind of preparation is an annual event but with God, it is an all year occurrence every day. The question continues to be asked what will we do with Jesus that is called the Christ? Each year we think and remember the birth of the Christ child, but is that enough for us as believers? I say no. What have we done for Him since this time last year? Have we ministered or witnessed to lost souls? Have we called sinners to repentance? This is my question to us this morning “What have we done with Jesus that is called the Christ?” Let us think about this for the rest of the week.
As I told the recently Ordained Ministers in St.Croix that the ordination is not about them but the people they will serve. (Encouragement to elect ministers) This day is not about you. This season is not about you. This is more than the human body, this is about you living and serving the Lord that has brought us thus far. It is about us living a godly, righteous and sober life. Let me ask you that have no sins and faults to STONE me. Let me have the first STONE and hit me where it will kill me on impact. Where is our love for our fellow brothers and sisters? Are we still our brothers and sisters keeper? You see it is not about me nor you. It is not about the office I hold or have held. It is all about God and the Christ child in our lives.
I trust that the Grace of God will spread in our hearts and lives and the world will see Christ glowing in us. When I look at the pictures coming out of St. Croix and hear the testimonies we the Mystical Order family have much to thank God for and for bringing us to this level in ministry. It is for a closer walk with God a calm and heavenly frame, a light to shine along the way and lead us to the lamb. So this morning let us write our names on a new page in glory and start afresh. May Almighty God richly bless and keep you until He comes. I love you and have a very nice day.
Your servant,
Rt. Hon. Sir, Dr Godfrey Gregg LOM, OHPM
Archbishop and Apostolic Head of the Mystical Order
Vice Grand Commanding Officer of the Mystical Court

Author: Godfrey Gregg