The Steps of a Good Man
(a message to myself)

Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, LOM

Daily Commit Yourself and Your Day to Him

Each day I will read a sermon and share in the experience of that minister which will set the tone for my day. It can be the base for my daily writing and what I will love to focus on.  A recent sermon I read focused on great saints of the faith who experienced periods of despondency and a sense of failure because their work for the Lord seemed in vain. Wilkerson says: “The truth is, we’re all called to one grand, common purpose, and to one ministry: that is, to be like Jesus. We’re called to grow in His likeness, to be changed into His express image. You simply can’t be a Christian unless that is your calling, your single goal in life.” If we take the step of daily committing to walking in His ways – if our daily goal is to be like Jesus – He will guide our steps. “All I want is to know Christ and to experience the power of His resurrection; to share in His suffering and become like Him in His death, in the hope that I myself will be raised from death to life.” (Philippians 3:10-11)

However, In my walk in this faith, I will love to make mention of some saints that have inspired me to continue this walk. First I will mention my parents that encouraged me to make my presence in church and never to give up. There lies my courage to continue this walk which will lead me to the place that Moses saw from a distance. I am determined to enter the gates and not to merely see it from afar. This should be the hope and walk of all my readers and those that really love the Lord. Laying aside anything that will block or hinder your walk to your freedom in Christ Jesus.

There are so many saints that have crossed the finishing line already and are awaiting us on the other side. I will mention some of the names that have influenced my life and have me still blazing the trails. His Eminence Patriarch Granville Williams, Bishop DeCosta Blucher and the Reverend Mother Blucher, Reverends Nimrod and Mother Myers, Pointer Conrad Anderson, His Eminence Patriarch Conrad Sutherland, Archbishop Frank Simon, His Eminence Patriarch Cosmore Pompey and there are many more that have been trailblazers on the battlefield. Despite the many setbacks today we just have to look back to see where we were after their passing and looking ahead to see distance we have passed and where we are going.

Words will not be enough to express my gratitude and thanks for the help along the way but I am very thankful for those that are marching along with me in these trying times. I make mention of our Patriarch HAH, Darrell Johnson, Queen Abbess Dr Patricia Hackshaw, Archbishop Adrian Toussaint, Archbishop Michael Bailey, Bishop Michael Manswell, Archbishop Stephen Wilson, Bishop Andres Quow, Reverend Mother Edwards, Her Eminence Matriarch Janet McClean, Abbess Lystra Harrison and many, many more still walking in the fear of the Lord. There was one thing that I will continue on my road to the promise land.

I am a Believer. In my walk of life, I take deep pride.

To it, I owe solemn obligations.

As a Believer, I pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing,

tolerance and respect, and to uphold devotion

to the standards and dignity to the Faith

and my calling as a Believer of the Word of God.

Continues tomorrow ……

Author: Godfrey Gregg