HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

If we could see, as James 3 declares, that the words of our mouth truly are kindling to every “fire” in our lives, we would be much more careful of the words we speak.  We have a choice; we can have the fire of hell in our home, or we can experience the fire of the Holy Ghost within its walls.

The course of our life is set in motion by our tongue – the rudder of the ship of our life.

We will not ever have more than we declare and affirm, so it is imperative that we decree the right things.

If our words are divided and we say one thing at our kitchen table, another in the car, and something totally different at church to impress a fellow-believer, we are travelling down a losing highway!

So many times we misrepresent the Word of God on the street and in the church. The pursuit of being a real true follower is in many ways contaminated with the world and rather creating peace among the brethren we catch a fire. I believe that too many inexperienced people are handling the word of God. They are not called to be preachers and thereby make a web unto themselves and trapped others. But in these last days, many will turn away from the truth giving heed to seducing spirits. They are really walking away from sound doctrine. Just as the Scripture predicts will happen and brethren that is a sign of the last days.

My friend, if we are going to talk unbelief in our home (and anything that contradicts God’s Word is unbelief), then we might as well converse that way in the sanctuary because we are the Church.  We are carriers of the presence of Almighty God everywhere we go. So let your lights so shine that your good works will be seen by all men and they will glorify your Father in the Heavens.

Author: Godfrey Gregg