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A stalwart of the faith and science that many people are now seeking. Mother Pearlie a Trinidad house name has left us but her memories will forever remain in the hearts of those that walked with her.

However, The final key was passed with a special word and that is sealed into the heart of the receiver. The respect paid to her on her final journey on this earth spoke of the love and gratitude for her. I was a part of that final preparation although I never met her and would have loved to be in the shadows of her presence. God saw otherwise and to Him, we give all the praise and thanks.

Today I honour the memories and the legacy she left behind and I am pleased to know that her word is continuing in some of her faithful sons and daughters. I make mention of Manswell, Darrin, Alyson and Kurt. 

Your name PEARLIE ROACH GRAND MISTRESS will be engraved on the Page of The Mystical Order 2018 as one of our ANCESTRAL HONOUREE 2018

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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