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HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Image result for Praying lighted candles animatedI am coming to you asking for prayers for my beloved country. A small Islands state with about 120,00 residents with unemployment rising, while the economics are centred in certain pockets of the country. Residents sat by while crimes are rising at an alarming rate. In many instances murder after a RAPE or a ROBBERY.

So I come to you this evening I am asking you my readers to join me in prayer for our country that God will give some directions and that one prayer will help to save our country.

I read with dismay that there were four murders in less than a week which include sex and robbery. Over the last weekend, a Spiritual Baptist cleric met his death in some unusual circumstances, a man was found dead on the beach, a security guard was robbed and later died from stab wounds and the latest as I write is the rape and murder of a woman. Image result for lighted candles animated

There is something wrong in the country and it needs to come back to God. The country needs leadership and I am not the one to orchestrate any form of action. If God places them there He is the one to remove them. Until that time I am asking for prayers for the country. I have the feelings that a candle is burning at both ends.

Let us pray:

Image result for praying hands animatedLord God of the Hebrew boys, the God of Daniel, the God of Abraham and Isaac, I call on thee this evening asking for mercy and grace. I have stated my case above and I am intervening on behalf of St. Vincent and the Grenadines that you will gather your children and let us fall before you in humility before Your Throne. Lord God, we need Thy presence now and more than ever. So I called the army of God to ask You to hear and answer our prayers and deliver the country from the curse that is affecting the country. We ask that You will make a sweep from the top to the man in the street and in the end you will get all the honour and glory. Hear my prayer Lord and answer. Bless my homeland and save the people from the wrath to come. AMEN

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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