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Just a little update on my progress 3/8/2018. Last night I didn’t sleep well but made up for it after my morning exercise. I am happy to be at home where I can find my comfort level and I am sure that my recuperation will be much better.

Yesterday I took one pain pill and I do not need anymore. The pain dissipated and I only have a little concern with the swelling which is painless. I am using an ice pack to help reduce the swelling.

Let me thank everyone that is a part of this website, my Patriarch, Clergy, members and family for the prayers and encouragements sent in my direction and I implore you to continue to pray for me.

As I transition from a liquid to a soft diet and hopefully to regular, I am keeping the faith and looking forward to a return to a full life and activities without any restrictions.

I am following the doctor’s instructions mainly nutrition, exercise and medication.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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