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Happy New Year. 2018 WOW! I am looking forward to this coming year. In my role as Patriarch of the church of the living God.

WOW! I am looking forward to this coming year. In my family, this is a significant year, because my oldest grandchild will be five years and my granddaughter will turn three years old. Very exciting! With the start of the new year, I always enjoy looking back at the last year. I enjoy watching the “year in review” on the news shows and reading the “best of” lists in the paper. I find it interesting to be reminded of the significant stories of the year. As I look at them or hear them on the news, some of them I remember and sometimes it’s, “oh wow, I didn’t remember that”. While reviewing the history of the world around me, I also like to look back and take inventory of my own life.

In my family life, 2018 was spent keeping up with technology to meet the needs of the grandchildren while planning my retirement. Keeping up with them from many miles away looking at them mentally and spiritually as they grow and face life’s challenges. Parenting kids as grandparents require much strength! You have to prepare to handle the silly things and harness the love without showing favour.

In my spiritual life, I look back on 2017 and ask, What did I learn? Where did I grow? Where did I struggle? Upon reflection, I notice that I learned some new things, like what Paul taught in 1 Thessalonians about how to discipline people you love, and how God is our comfort. I’d like to write more on that sometime. Last year I was reminded of some truths, like, what you watch and listen to has a direct impact on your thoughts and therefore your actions. This is a truth I have to constantly be reminded of. I don’t know why it doesn’t sink in more thoroughly, but I do know that when I see my weakness, I am humbled and reminded of God’s mercy.

So, I’ve learned something new, be reminded of truths I already know, and I continued to wade through a difficult spiritual journey that takes time to learn. One thing I am trying to understand is the idea that it is God’s power in me that allows me to become Holy. It is not just me doing things (although there are things I must do). I am still learning what it means that it is God who does it. I am purposing this year to study more and learn more from scripture on this subject. It is clear in God’s word that it is He who works in us, but how this happens in my life on a day to day basis is not clear to me. I’ll let you know what I learn!

I encourage you to take inventory of the past year. You too hopefully learned something new and continued to grow in old and new areas.

To God be all the honour and Glory!!

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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