I want to thank Bishop Adrian “Prince” Toussaint for answering the call to ministry and for his Leadership and Management of the organizations. (Starlight of Israel Healing school and Mystical Order Spiritual Baptist)

I want to encourage you to keep the faith and stay focus for your labour will not be in vain in the Lord. I further encourage you as Solomon told us that a man that keeps his tongue, kees his soul. Ministry is ministering to the needs of people and ministering to the souls of men. It does not give ministers the liberty to gossip or create confusion among members. My Lord Bishop you are a good teacher and that is demonstrated with the people that travel a long distance to be in fellowship with you. There has to be something in you that causes me to recommend you to the chairman of the boards of the named organizations. I am very proud of you.

I am available whenever you need my advice and word of encouragements. Feel free to message me and contact me as you do.  I pray the Lord’s blessings on you and the members of the church and for the changes you are enacting for the betterment of the church. My blessings are with you and I know you will do a better job as previous leaders.  God bless you and the new administration.

Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div


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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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