Now it is the will of God that His people in the midst of these judgments will be saved and protected and used mightily of Him to demonstrate His Kingdom on the earth in every nation. But for this to happen we must return to Him with our whole hearts and do His will and turn from our own ways.  It is time for the church to “rise and shine” at this hour since we are the instruments He will use to bring revival (Isaiah 61). I am praying the perfect storm of judgment on America will be judgment unto restoration and redemption and not judgment unto total destruction. I also pray the overcomers will rise to lead the church into holiness and righteousness and victory! Worldliness and apathy will not be a part of the overcomers of this hour. May the Lord be merciful to us in the midst of the coming Perfect Storm of Judgment to this nation and the world. Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Come Lord Jesus and save your people!   It is never too late to give your life to God and He will come and save you!   Then He can use you in the great end time work of God to be demonstrated to the whole world! He plans to use His Bride and His remnant to show His power and glory in the earth! God will do a perfect work in the midst of a perfect storm of end time events.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Author: Godfrey Gregg