Blessed good morning brethren and the faithful in Christ Jesus our Lord. This is truly a  new experience and a new day.
He said He will show up and do it again. Believe it right now, He will stand on His promises. Thank You, Lord. Sometimes you just need God to do it again–to hear it again, to see it again. Can’t nobody do me like Jesus? We need an encore in finances. You are able to supply all our needs. God, You have been showing up in my broken places. You know that God was the only one who brought you out, last time. You have called God and He will show up mightily. The enemy is trying to disguise your season. Give us an encore in marriages Your word says let no man put asunder. We have been waiting on You God, do it again, God.
God, we are looking for you to fill us–encore! We need You to show– Yourself again; to rescue us again; put us back together again; show us more mercy and grace; a way out again. Nobody but Jesus can do it. Get up boldly and tell God I need You to show up in marriages, finances, and jobs–do it again. I know I’m right back in the same place–I fall short. I need an encore–strengthen me, Lord. I’m tired of what the world is taking me through. But I am not of this world.
Show me an encore. God, You told me to move and I didn’t move Your way. Give me another chance–do it again. I don’t wanna miss you. Show me the vision–you gotta move on what God speaks to you. Be a doer of His word. You will have to start walking by faith and not by sight. Stop sitting there saying God can do it, you need to move. I need an encore. Some of us God has been waiting for us to move for His encore. I need an encore. He is calling us onto the water. You better walk on water–He’s gonna do it again. I need an encore, God. Show me Yourself again, God. Can you see that God just gave sight to the blind and you say, I need an encore? Open the windows of heaven, God. I need an encore, I know You can do it again. Set me free again God.
When the storms come in my life are raging, You will speak to the storms. We need an encore–do it again, God. We have sold out God, do it again. We need and an encore. Don’t close the curtains yet. I need another performance in my life–over and over again. That’s the one that saved my life, I’m calling for that same performance–can’t nobody do me like Jesus. I need an encore, God. I need an encore for my children, marriages, jobs. Protect me, put up a hedge of protection. Thank You, Lord, do it again–restore my joy–, shape, break, mold me God–do it again. You deserve a standing ovation–
Thank You, Lord. I need an encore, God. Thank You, Lord, do it again. God, you can show up, we have set the atmosphere–do it again God. Don’t close the curtains yet, I need a miracle, healing and I need to see Your face, God. I need an encore. Thank You, Lord, I feel Your restful presence right now. You better ask Him. Don’t you miss out on your encore? Go right now and write down the things that you need an encore. Don’t miss Him. Trust His and watch him in action.

Author: Godfrey Gregg