Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div


1. Peter’s tears were tears of repentance. Peter knew how terrible he had failed… He did not try to hide it, or deny it…he was guilty and he repented for his great sin.

I’m happy this message does not end here! I’m happy the story is not over because failure need not be the end for the believer who would repent.

I am amazed at the love of God. We fail Him, yet His love for us is not swayed and He remains true to us. Even when we give up He never does. He remains faithful and will not forsake us. He stands ready with open arms, with scolding, ready to forgive and restore us to a close relationship with Himself. That is our Almighty God and Savior…..what a wonder He is!

2. Is it not interesting that after Jesus arose from the Grave, He visited Peter. Yet, even this visit did not keep Peter from failure.

3. A second time Christ came to Peter, as Peter again had failed and gone back to fishing. (John 21:14-19).

Jesus appeared to Peter and three times instructed him, Feed by lambs, Feed my sheep. (John 21:14) Why did he tell Peter to go and feed His sheep? Peter was a failure wasn’t he. He certainly deserved no ministry from the Lord. Yet, Christ told him…feed my sheep.

4. God forgave Peter the most serious and great denial.  He loved Peter and mighty used Peter. He had a will for Peter’s life. In Peter’s great failure….Christ was magnified. Peter’s first sermon, 3000 souls were saved.

Later, God used him to heal the sick. and He continued from then on faithful to the Lord.   Peter did die and he was martyred being hung on a cross upside down.   With God’s help Peter overcame the problems and was faithful to the Lord even to death.

5. This morning my friend….where are you? Is it possible that you are by the way you are living setting yourself up for a great fall.

Is there pride in you heart…do you think you are above failure…do you consider yourself spiritual.

Do you fail to pray and spend time with Him…oh if so you are on a precarious road that may end in a great failure.

Do you think more highly of yourself that you ought to?   Do you look at others and see yourself as more spiritual and deserving than these?

Do you follow Christ a far off?? Not close enough to be by his side. Are you not fully committed to Him.

You may have already fallen…you may have denied your Lord.

Folks God will forgive. Turn this day, the moment from your course set for you by Satan who would destroy you in a second.

Will you?   God awaits your answer. He waits to see your tears of repentance.
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Author: Godfrey Gregg