Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div


A. All the disciples had come to the garden together except Judas who was busy arranging the betrayal.

1. Jesus then selected three of the men and went to a remote corner of the garden. Peter was among them.

2. They were the closest to the Lord. In Christ’s hour of great need as He agonized over the coming Cross, he asked them to be with Him.

3. He prayed in earnest to the Father, as they slept. He was kind and understanding. He said, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

B. The believer who does not follow the Lord’s command and example is in grave danger.

1. The flesh is weak, yet Christ had told them to pray. They gave in the flesh and went to sleep. Folks our physical bodies can lead us to fail. It can happen when we are tried. When we are under pressure. When someone hurts us.

2. Would Jesus have ask them something that was beyond their ability to do? Surely not!

3. They could have but did not. Peter needed prayer, Jesus knew it and told him…but Peter refused.

4. In a few short hours Peter would need the strength that prayer would have given him, yet when the hour came Peter was unprepared.

C. We can neglect prayer, the study of God’s word, a time of worship, obedience in faithfulness we will most likely live a defeated and fallen life.

1. We can proclaim, but I am a child of God…God will protect me!!

2. But dear brothers and sisters of The Mystical Order, the way God protects is in giving us prayer, His word, principles to life by. Strength comes in doing, in following, in experiencing and by this learning and receiving the strength of God.

3. You must appropriate the power of God.  If you do not do as Christ says the power is not available to you

4. Too many professing Christians put everything before the Lord. Colossians 1:18 says that in all things Christ might have the preeminence….yet for many serving the Lord is a matter of convenience.

Sunday is the Lord’s day for Christians to worship, but like rebellious Israel many often cannot take the time to give the Lord one day of the seven He gives us. Israel had a rebellious heart and would not obey the Lord.   One symptom was they would not keep the Sabbatical years. God said to set aside the land every seven years. He said in the six year the harvest would be bountiful and enough for the seven year. Israel could not see it. There was money to be made, there were things to do, they could not obey the Lord. Can we not see that this was a test of their truth faithfulness to the Lord. They failed and spent 70 years in captivity because of it.

What is the price of our unfaithfulness?   What is the result in our lives of putting things before God? Failure to live righteous lives….which simply means doing what is right and best pays bitter dues. Failure is no fun dear brothers and sisters of The Mystical Order.


Author: Godfrey Gregg