Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, Lom

The Fear Of Death Head on – Hebrews 9:27-28

How do you face your fear of death? We are marching toward the grave.


God has a death clock as mentioned in Hebrews 9:27. Here are three reasons why we should never fear death.

1 – God’s powerful providence

The word appointed means it is “reserved”. God has reserved a death date for you. Death is an appointment, not an accident. The Bible says it is an appointment no matter how it happened. Our days are numbered and known by God. There are a few things that bother us about death.

  • The certainty of it – We know it is going to happen. We can see it in this verse. Death is certain. We will all die. We know we are going to die. The animals or plants have no idea that they are going to die.
  • The uncertainty of it – We may know that we are going to die but we don’t know when, where or how. Will it be when we are old, will it be in a car accident or will it be cancer or AIDS? We don’t know. The only certainty is that you will die sometime. You won’t be late for that appointment! God has made an appointment for you. Why should you fear anything if God has made an appointment for you? Death is in the hand of God so don’t be afraid.

2 – Your personal preparation

Notice two things:-

  • The assurance of judgment – We know that we will be judged after we die. Job 14:15; 30:23; Psalm 89:48 and Romans 5:12. We can make preparation for this judgment.
  • The answer to judgment (vs. 28) – You can receive Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. If you don’t know Jesus then you are not prepared to die. If you are doing a test and you are not prepared then you will not be confident. The more prepared you are then the more confident you can be. When you have prepared for something then you are not worried. If you make personal preparation then you have nothing to fear from judgment. Romans 8:1.

3 – The precious promises in God’s word

God is never out of business! A man may rule but God will overrule! Proverbs 19:2 and Psalm 33:10. This family did wrong but God is ruling over it all. It was by faith that Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau.

  • God’s peace before you die. Isaiah 41:10. God promises to carry you in life.
  • God’s presence through death. Psalm 23:4. You don’t have to face death alone. You can walk rather than run. You don’t have to be scared. Death is not the end.
  • God’s provisions after death. John 14:1-6. There is again in dying. Philippians 1:21-23.
  • God’s power over death. Jesus has taken the sting out of death. If you know Jesus you are not going to die. The body will die but the soul will live on. Adam became a living soul when God breathed into the body. John 11:25. Death has lost its sting. It is like a wasp that has lost its sting. It can make a lot of noise but it can’t hurt anyone. When Moses and the people of Israel are coming out of Egypt they dig up the bones of Joseph and take them with them. Joseph is buried in the Promised Land.

If you don’t know Jesus then now is the time to be ready to face death and all that follows. Make provision for yourself and your loved ones.

Author: Godfrey Gregg