Sir Godfrey Gregg

The power of our tongue is hard to grasp because we have not seen the correlation between our words and the events in our lives.  That is why we need to know the importance of speaking aloud and
declaring, decreeing, and affirming the right words. Many times we speak without the knowledge or understanding the message before us.   When we quote the scripture and use the “but” word it is time to forget it ……..

Any time we speak the truth and add a “but,” forget it!  We are in unbelief!  Is that plain enough.

This ministry that I lead will continue to teach and instruct those that are sick and plagued with diseases on how to receive your healing and pleading your case before God. You have to speak the words with your mouth and out loud.

Many just stare at me and keep their lips sealed, yet, I am instructing them step 1, step 2, step 3.  I tell them:

  •  “Please open your mouth and proclaim your healing.”
  •  “Please declare the goodness of God.”
  •  “Please acknowledge that God won’t lie.”
  •  “Please remember God is in the healing business.”
  •  “Agree with God no matter what is going on around you.”
  •  “Regardless of what it feels like, speak out your healing.”

Our spirit needs to hear our mouth proclaim the truths of God out loud!  We cannot be tight-lipped Christians.  We must
declare with our mouth the righteousness of God until it rises up in fury against those hellish things that have lodged
against us.

Stand up and say, “But God…But God…”  You are who Jehovah says you are!

Author: Godfrey Gregg