Sir Godfrey Gregg

God sees the end as well as the beginning, and if we have His nature in us, we must talk in terms of the end result, which is never destruction.  It is always blessing, success, and victory!

We may be seeing devastation with our natural eyes but that is not the final outcome (and it is certainly not what we desire) – unless we continue to speak those destructive words over the situation.

You might think, “How can we declare what God says when it certainly doesn’t look that way?”  Yet the same thing happens when we travel.  We can be going from Georgetown to Sandy Bay, and ride on roads through towns that don’t look anything like St. Vincent, yet we keep heading toward our final destination.  To be sure, St. Vincent is nothing like the communities through which we travel to get there.

Just the same way, our life goals can be as different as night and day from the paths we take on the journey.  And we will reach our desired objective if we keep confessing the end result and keep our mind locked on what we yearn for – not on what we can see with these natural eyes.  It is our mouth that keeps us headed in the right directions.

Again, we become what we believe and speak.  And it is not just the words we utter in church or around the Bishop.  It’s what we say day after day in the privacy of our home.

Author: Godfrey Gregg