Sir Godfrey Gregg

My dear brothers and sisters, we are not attempting to twist God’s arm for Him to bless us, or coerce Him to declare that we are healed.
He’s already favoured us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places.  We’re already a privileged people and healing belongs to us.  We just have to “take it” with our words.

When our mouth is full of God’s promises it is much like a hydraulic pump.  It is a force that surrounds and latches onto the problem, takes hold of the burden, kicks it loose, and moves it out of the way!

Since we are made in the image of God, our words contain creative power.   Recognize the fact that we are the only ones in all of God’s creation given the privilege and honour of speaking His Word, of governing evil, and establishing the will of God on earth as it is done in heaven!  His love is unsearchable.  Thank you Lord!

God’s Word is God’s Word, whether it comes out of our mouth or His.  When it is confessed with our lips and believed in our heart it is still the sword of the Spirit – alive and full of power.

The Father not only gave His Word to us, He put His faith in it, wrote it down, and commands us to speak it so we can be conformed to the image of His Son and defeat the devil time after time.  Praise God for what righteousness has done!

“The effectual (effective), fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”   James 5:16

This verse, as translated in The Message Bible, reads:  “The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.”  Those of us who know who we are can say Glory!

Some complain, “I don’t feel like my prayers get above my nose.”  Friend, they don’t have to.  The Holy Spirit lives within you.  Don’t base anything on how you feel.  Our emotions are in the natural realm and therefore subject to the devil’s influence – not to mention they are temporal and subject to change frequently.


The moment we don’t sense God’s presence is the time we should start confessing in faith:  “Lord, I know You are here. You said You would never leave me nor forsake me.  You are my Shield and Buckler.  You are My God and in You do I trust.”

We can never change a situation by speaking what it “looks” like or saying how we “feel” about it.  We change it in the positive direction by speaking God’s Words over it until it yields.  The natural realm will always bow to the Kingdom of God if God’s Words are declared, decreed, and affirmed long enough, regardless of our feelings.

Our bodies can be riddled with sickness and pain in the natural, but that is not the truth according to the Word. Sickness is merely a fact, and although some of it is powerful enough to kill our bodies, truth is higher and exalted, more powerful than facts.

The truth, backed up by the Blood of Jesus, is that He sent His Word, healed and delivered us from our destruction, and by His stripes we were healed (Psalms 107:20; I Peter 2:24).  So, we keep declaring the truths of health until they become real in our heart.  Healing then works its way outward and the sickness departs because life is stronger than death.  Once again, righteousness is exalted!  Confessing with our mouth and believing in our heart is the process -and our mouth is the key.

Author: Godfrey Gregg