Sir Godfrey Gregg

Unfortunately, we often think we are believing the Word, yet it is only head knowledge.  When it seems as though the
Word is not working, we have to stop right there and remind ourselves that the Word does work, every time.  We must
point the finger at ourselves; there is no problem with God the Father, God the Word, or God the Holy Ghost.  That, my
friend, leaves us holding the bag.

There is a vast difference between head knowledge and heart revelation.  When things get tough, the head doesn’t
stay with the program.  If we are not watchful, it will always start to contradict and back off from the Word.  On the other
hand, truth, having taken root in our spirit, is anchored in the integrity of God.

We must keep speaking and meditating on those words until we can “see” it down deep within us, as clearly as our
natural eye is reading this book.

Author: Godfrey Gregg