Sir Godfrey Gregg

This has enormous importance for our healing.

We need to view ourselves separate from the house (body) we live in.  Our spirit has been declared righteous by
Almighty God and created in His image.  That is the real man who lives in this physical body.  You see, the body is not
the man.

If we can make a distinction between the real man that is within and the house wherein he resides, it gives us more
leverage to speak to our “house” as if it were not us.  We are then able to step out and command our dwelling place to
line up with the Word of God and receive its healing.

By being able to separate what we see in the mirror with who we really are, it’s easier to take authority over sickness
and disease and control our body.  All of this is accomplished by the Word of God coming out of our mouth in faith.

Author: Godfrey Gregg