Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, LOM

There are many expert in fatherhood—in part because their own “fathers” failed them so badly. So they wanted to be the best to their children. Many biological dad were alcoholic and were deserted. Many children ended up in foster care and the end of many are stories that make the bestsellers.

Isn’t it odd, and reminiscent of the hand of God that many of leading organization on family and church turned out to be men whose own background as sons were pretty messed up? Or could it be that successful parenting is discovered not in the perfect, peaceful household but in the midst of battles and messy situations, where God must constantly be called to the scene?

That is the mystery unraveled in our world today. Using our own expertise, humor, and inexhaustible wealth of stories, I will show you that God can make you a good dad, a great dad, in spite of the way you’ve grown up and in spite of the mistakes you’ve made. I talk to you from my own experiences, and looking back to see where God brought me from and placed me to be a servant and minister to many. Maybe even because of those messy situations we are able to hold our heads high and even become grandfathers.

It’s not about becoming a perfect father. It’s about trying to become a better father, each and every day. It’s about building relationships with your children through love, grace, patience, and fun, and helping them grow into the men and women they’re meant to be. Hallelujah, I can testify of the goodness of my parents who were called from works unto reward. I have the best daughter who have acknowledge me to be a great father and grandfather.  It was a great start until trouble hit me on the road. However, I bounced back and picked up the pieces and I am trusting God to be the greatest grandfather of my times. My brother Edward was voted the third best father in Bequia and that made me an even more proud father. Our mother taught us well after some seventy (70) years. Glory to God for a mother like mine. She taught me to love and how to care ever though the odds are against us.

To my Spiritual father and Patriarch Sir Darrindel of The Mystical Order and Starlight of Israel , I thank you for all your guidance and love. Thank you for reaching out to me and believing in me when others walked away without offering any help. You are a great father to me and I have witnessed first hand the care to your other children. I will also like to close with great mention to Elsworth my son-in-law who is an exemplary father to his children, my grandkids. My prayer is that you be the best even after my departure. May Almighty God bless us all until He comes.


Author: Godfrey Gregg