It Is Time to Start Declaring What Heaven Is Decreeing

Sir Godfrey Gregg D, Div, LOM

Four hundred years of silence separates the Old and the New Testaments, during which the Lord did not speak to His people. Can you imagine 400 years of silence from God?

This dispensation was “when heaven was silent.”

The heavens were shut up!

But when John the Baptist the forerunner of Jesus, a prophet sent by God, broke the silence and was used of God to break open unprecedented moves of God’s Spirit. When heaven is silent, it becomes the time when God  amplifies the voices He’s raising up in obscurity. Watch within your life and see what the Lord is doing.

Believers often struggle with hearing the voice of God and recognizing what His voice sounds like. They often question whether prophecy is for today. My response is that the voice of God is always relevant in every generation and that His voice is that of a loving Father.

The prophetic Spirit of God is coming upon all flesh in a new way and whole nations will prophesy what heaven is speaking. The Lord is opening up the heavens again and releasing a sound that His people will hear, speak, obey and respond to. Brethren you have to be planted in the word waiting for this fulfillment.

Prophetic Outpouring

In the last days it shall be,’ says God,that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams(Acts 2:17).

We are witnessing a resurgence of the prophetic spirit being released with greater measure of glory coupled with the supernatural. Heaven is speaking! Heaven is prophesying! The Lord is opening up the ear gates of His people to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church (Rev. 3:22).

God loves to communicate and prophecy is one vehicle that will bring about sudden change. The prophetic is not man’s idea, but God’s idea. I believe that hearing the voice of the Father and speaking should be as easy as the breath we breathe.

The Power of Prophecy

In Ezekiel 37, Ezekiel saw the power of prophecy when he partnered with heaven’s agenda by prophesying to a hopeless situation, turning it around by the Word of the Lord, and delivering hope again to a nation. The power of prophecy has the potency to bring supernatural change. I believe that prophecy is the doorway to the supernatural.

The Power of Your Decrees

You will also declare a matter, and it will be established unto you; and the light will shine upon your ways” (Job 22:28).

God has given His people kingly authority and legislative power through dominion. What you decree today is the reality you will live in tomorrow. Heaven only responds to God’s Word and will for our lives. When we speak His will for our lives then prophetic fulfillment is imminent. This is not “name it and claim it” teaching, but decreeing God’s will from heaven to Earth. The Bible says that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Prov. 18:21).

Prophesy Your Day

Are you ready to change your life by your decrees and what you prophesy over your life daily? Did you know that your tongue holds creative power? That’s why we have to be very careful when we speak. Your tongue is a key that can bind and loose things into your life each day. We have the power to permit or prohibit things from happening in our lives. One of the definitions of decree is an “order of decree by decision.” I often say that our destiny is determined by the decisions we make.

In other words, our decisions will determine our destinies. We have the power to prophesy our day. The outcome of our day is the result of our faith to align with heaven’s view, perspective and agenda, and speak it without fear or reservation. We command and change our day by prophesying God’s will each day for our lives.

We are seated in heavenly places right now with Christ (Ephesians 2:6), and from that realm we can prophesy over our day. If the enemy tries to frustrate your day, just open your mouth and frustrate all of hell with the Word of God. I believe that every spirit-filled believer can prophesy by the Holy Spirit to frame their day and their world.

Hallelujah. Brethren listen to the still small voice in your heart and soul and start your life anew today.

God blessings on you and your family

Author: Godfrey Gregg