Decree God’s Blessings on Your Children

Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, LOM

Decree God’s Blessings on Your Children

I decree the blessings of God over every plan and goal for my children in this year, I decree all my children shall be taught of the Lord,

I decree my children shall be for signs and wonders. They shall walk in obedience,

I decree that every promise of the Lord concerning my children will not fall to the ground but each shall be literally fulfilled in Jesus Name,

I decree that my children will have personal intimate relationship with God, and the fear of the Lord will be evident in their daily walk with God,

I decree in Jesus Name that my children would not be a source of affliction but a testimony to God’s grace,

I decree none of my children will bring shame to the Name of the Lord,

I decree that no generational curse shall have any effect upon my children in Jesus Name

Author: Godfrey Gregg