Heavenly Father, you said in your word that whatsoever I bind (forbid/prohibit) on earth is bound (forbidden/prohibited) in heaven, therefore, I bind (forbid/prohibit) satan and every angel that was kicked out of heaven with him to interfere with Your blessings coming into my life. I bind (forbid/prohibit) every principality, every power, every might and dominion, every ruler of darkness and every spirit in high places from interfering in my life. I bind (forbid/prohibit) every one of the demons from every square inch of the soul, body and spirit of myself, and (Insert Name/s) in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I bind (forbid/prohibit) every one of the demons from every area, every aspect, every action or influence in the lives or existence of myself, and (Insert Name/s) in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, You also said that whatsoever I loose (allow/permit) on earth will be loosed (allowed/permitted) in heaven; therefore, I ask that you give the angels of heaven charge over me, and (Insert Name/s) according to Psalm 91. Jesus, I ask that you loosen (allow/permit) the angels to hearken the Word of God on our behalf. Please loosen (allow/permit) the angels to keep us in all our ways; to bear us up in their hands lest we dash our foot upon a stone; to accompany, defend and preserve us. The Word of God says that there shall no evil befall us nor shall any plague come near our dwelling. I thank you Jesus for the excellent job the heavenly angels do in protecting us from all evil. I thank you Lord that you said in your Word that you have delivered me, and (Insert Name/s) from all the snares and traps of satan and his demons and from the noisome pestilence. And I thank you Lord that You said with long life You will satisfy us if we set our love upon You. We have set our love upon You; therefore, I/we expect long life.

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

Sir Godfrey Gregg is one of the Administrators and managing Director of this site