But his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. —Genesis 19:26

Who was this woman? We don’t really know a lot about her. We assume that she met Lot in Sodom. We can safely conclude that Lot’s wife was not a believer. It’s clear she did not want to leave Sodom. She wanted to steal one last glance, and it cost her everything.

The book of Genesis tells us what happened that day. While they were fleeing, she looked back and became a pillar of salt. When Jesus said to His disciples ” ‘Remember Lot’s wife’ ” (Luke 17:32), it was a warning not to look back. Like so many are doing today. God has brought us out as we testify, but our actions tell a different story. The life we live is far from what God has shown us in His words as the standard for good spiritual living.


Why was looking back such a horrible sin causing the judgment of God to fall upon Lot’s wife? Doesn’t it seem a little harsh? All she did was steal a quick glance. But it wasn’t just one last look. It was a lingering, a desire to stay there. You see, looking back is a step toward going back.

The devil will come to you and say, “Hey, Christian! Remember the old days?” Let’s be honest. We all had some fun in this world. But the devil doesn’t remind you of the other things. He doesn’t say, “Remember when you were miserable and empty, lonely, and terrified of death.” He will remind you of a few good times because he knows that the first step to going back is looking back.

Like so many today saying “I am done with church.” Let me ask you a question, What has church done to you? I believe in the first place you had no connection with church and moreso Jesus Christ. What is so wrong that caused such a quick turn about. It maybe you always had one foot outside the door waiting for the opportunity to blame someone. There you have it. My God it was that easy with Lot’s wife and the same can be said today.

Then, like Lot’s wife, you start to look over your shoulder. That is why Jesus said, ” ‘No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God’ ” (Luke 9:62). If you are going to follow Christ, you need to look forward, not over your shoulder. Remember Lot’s wife: you don’t want to be turned into a pillar of salt.i do not know the plan of God for us if we do look back, but I know it is not good to “Look Back.”

Your brother,

Sir Godfrey Gregg




Author: Godfrey Gregg