Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10).

There is a time and place in our walk with God in which He sets us in a place of waiting. It is a place in which all past experiences are of no value. It is a time of such stillness that it can disturb the most faithful if we do not understand He has brought us to this place for a season. It is as if God has placed a wall around us. No new opportunities — simply inactivity.

It is during these times God is calling us aside to fashion something new in us. It is an isolation chamber designed to call us to deeper roots of prayer and faith. It is not a comfortable place, especially for a task-driven business person. Our nature cries out “you must do something” when God is saying “Be still and know that I am God.” The signs that you have been brought into this chamber are when He has removed many things from your life and you can’t seem to change anything. Perhaps you are unemployed. Perhaps you are laid up with an illness.

Most religious people live a very planned and orchestrated life where they know almost everything that will happen. But for the man or woman in whom God is performing a deeper work, He brings them into a time of quietness that seems almost eerie. They cannot say what God is doing. They just know that He is doing a work that cannot be explained to himself or others.

Has God brought you to a place of being still? Be still and know that He really is God. Once this happens the chamber will open soon after.

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Author: Godfrey Gregg