Offices of the church  above the rank of Bishop are honours bestowed on individuals. This is done after taking many factors into consideration. A person’s service to the Lord and church. Their spiritual growth and maturity. Such a person must not be a novice or gossipper. Not a money grabber and have a testimony within and without. Persons should be very mature and up in age with knowledge of Bible and moral character and integrity.

When it comes to positions I write in my opinion, are those one obtained in the inner court of secret room. They must not be confused with the offices or the five-fold ministry.

So in this day and age we have to know how to rightly divide the offices from the positions. On the other hand religions or denominations have set up rules that guide them. Just like The Mystical Order in it bylaws and rules adopted in the year 2012. There are non ordained titles, ordained titles and consecrated offices. One of the main criteria is age with experience.

Sir Godfrey Gregg


Author: Godfrey Gregg