O, don’t turn back Zion City before you. Peace be unto all within the gates and the protection of The Mystical Order. This morning I encourage you to listen for the voice you will hear in the stillness of the night is Jesus.

I bless the Lord for you today and want to encourage you with the words of Bishop Maurice at my elevation service. Listen to distinguish the voice that is calling. Take note of Samuel hearing a voice but not recognizing it. There is where the prophet of God stood to counsel and guide. Eli was able to lead Samuel to recognizing the voice of God.

Today I beg of you to analyze the voice that is speaking to you. That voice is Jesus softly and tenderly calling you to come home. If you are weary and burden with a load of care. It is time to whisper a little prayer and tell Jesus Here I am.

Hear these words “I am tired of sin and straying Lord I am coming home.” this is your moment to cry out to Almighty God. Do it now, do not wait another moment.  You see brethren our times are in His hands. So if you are outside of this protection there is room at the cross for you. Come to Jesus and find rest for your soul. I did and every day I am holding on stronger and stronger. As David said in the psalms “planted by the rivers of water and bring forth fruits in due season. I believe that this is my season, your season. God help us.

Love to all,

Sir Godfrey Gregg

Divisional Patriarch

Author: Godfrey Gregg