20161015_221917Praise the Lord for sparing our lives to see this day and another morning rising sun. God has kept us safely throughout the night and though we are not worthy to be alive His mercy has brought us through.

I want to Praise the Lord for a great day at Consecration Sunday (10/16/2016). Thanking God for all who came to show their support and love. The unity and strength among the gathering made the blessings come down.

Let me thank the host church in its entirety  under the leadership of Queen Mother Archbishop Dr. Adonis, Bishop Adonis and the Leader that fill in at a minutes notice. My armour bearer. A special Thanks to Bishop Myrtle who travelled five States to be there to give her support. How can I forger Bishop Mervin who came all the way from Boston with his lovely wife to be part of the history at Jehovah in Emmanuel Spiritual Baptist Church.

I thank God for our Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Darrindel Hote-Johnson, His Eminences Sir Eric Alleyne and Lewis Roberts, Bishop Raymond Maurice, Archbishop Leslie Warner from Canada, Bishop Rushyane Stewart  and my former Secretary Reverend Cageian Inniss for showing up Hallelujah.

I cannot complete this task without thanking my Matriarch and Mother Allison (Abbess Allison) two church mothers of Starlight of Israel Healing School. Leader Craig Williams, Bishop-Elect Nigel and Reverend Rawle who showed strength and love throughout  the celebration. Truly when people gather with their hearts indicted in a good matter the earth stands still and Heaven rejoices.

The outstanding voice was Reverend “Father Day” cheering on the proceedings. I love you and may Almighty God continue bless you. Archbishop Leslie brought a word that rocks the house and uplift the hearts of all present.

To all I am grateful from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul. This is a new era of my life and a time of reconciliation within the faith. I pray that we continue to walk in the fear of the Lord and which is the beginning of wisdom.NEW STAMP



Author: Godfrey Gregg