From an early age growing up on the Island of Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Godfrey Gregg was a lover of church. He grew up in the Anglican church and attended Sunday School at the Gospel Hall every Sunday afternoon.

His mother made sure he was clean and well dressed for the occasion. There were times he would walk with his mother to visit the older family.

Godfrey has been a member of the Spiritual Baptist church in St. Vincent and loved his church. He served the Lord faithfully and gave attendance unto the Lord in church.

While in the United States Godfrey was ordained a minister (Reverend) and few years he was consecrated a Bishop at the birth of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Church which he is a Co-Founder. He was instrumental in the elevation of Darrindel Johnson to the Office of Patriarch. Later that day (10/21/2012) Godfrey was appointed Archbishop after the Patriarch relinquished the title.

Godfrey was appointed Divisional Patriarch in December of 2014 and is ready for the elevation to that office having passed his probationary time. Today (10/16/2016) Godfrey was elevated and consecrated to the office with full honours, powers, rights and privilege.

It was a joy and great blessing to look this servant of God in his eyes and feel the accomplishments for all his hard work. His Holiness Sir Godfrey can now say like Paul “I have kept the faith”. We are praying for him that God will continue to bless him and expand his ministry.

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Author: Godfrey Gregg